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Teachers / Profs

Couple track

Fabien et Lisa

Fabien & Lisa


Fabien and Lisa met in Herrang, Sweden in 2010 and have been teaching and dancing together ever since. Coming from different backgrounds they both bring their own particular expertise, talents, and enthusiasm to the partnership.
Their fun natured teaching style, yet ability to breakdown a movement, means their classes are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing.
Constantly pushing themselves in their own dancing means they understand the work that goes into becoming a better dancer and are passionate about sharing their experiences and helping others to achieve their goals.

Youngdon & Dawa


Youngdon has been teaching blues since 2008. He is also known as the organizer of Bluesweet & Korea Blues Camp. He started his dancing life with lindyhop background in 2005. But when he first experienced blues dancing in U.S.(2007), he immediately fell in love with the blues music, dance and its culture.
Dawa has been dancing blues since 2010 in Korea. She started to teach blues with Youndon since 2012 and attended blues events in U.S. to explore and get more inspiration. At Bluesweet 2013, she was the instructor with the world best instructors Damon stone, Heide Fite, and Dexter Santos.
They visit U.S. every year to get inspiration and work hard to spread Blues dance in Asia.

Cédric & Caroline


Since they met in 2012, Cédric and Caroline have decided to join their competences in order to develop their qualities of dancers and teachers. As well as very active on the local swing scene in Strasbourg (LindySpot), they also go beyond borders and further and further away to dance, teach and perform.


You will be able to appreciate their dynamic classes, a delicate blend of Cédric’s humor and Caroline’s poetry. Both are keen on transmitting their ideas through a very progressive pedagogy. One that approaches technique in a very precise and detailed manner, and also teaches movements combining basics, surprises, musicality and grace. Where as Cédric reminds you of the big principles of musicality, Caroline invites you to explore sensations, emotions and personal expression.

Mike Legenthal
& Dan Repsch

Mike Legenthal has been a full-time student and teacher of blues for over a decade.  In her dancing, she seeks to be distinctive and creative, but always driving towards the heart of blues aesthetic and culture. She immerses herself in the music and in playful, dynamic partnership. As an instructor, she offers both detailed technical descriptions and imaginative metaphors, to reach a wide range of minds. She is clever and respectful, and hopes to leave her students engaged in critical, nuanced critical thought. Mike’s current projects include being a member and choreographer in the B-Sides, helping to run The Blues Experiment, and researching blues-idiom movement through video, in the hopes of expanding the community’s knowledge base.

Solo track

Alina Sokulska


Originally from Kyiv (Ukraine), Alina has been experimenting on and learning all possible dances. She met social dance at 17 and since then authentic jazz, swing, lindy-hop, tap, blues, be-bop, UK Jazz, latin dance, traditional African dance paved her artistic way. She has been sharing her experience teaching both solo and partner dances with Fedor Nedotko, performing, choreographing and collaborating with jazz bands as well as hosting dance weekends, workshops and festivals all around the world.
Her dance mentors, both met and never met ones are Al Minns, Leon James, Teddy Brown, Jimmy Slyde, Alvin Ailey, Chester A. Whitmore, Gordon Neil, Frankie Martinez, Josette Wiggan, Roxane Butterfly, others and of course… Music!

Alexandra Karsenty


Alexandra Karsenty has been teaching and dancing as a professional dance performer since 2004, but she’s already been  training and sharing her love for dancing for 30 years ! Devoting her career to many different dances, she was also requested as a choreographer for various artistic projects. In 2016, she became director of her dance and theater company_Cie ADP. Having plunged into Blues dance, she has been winning different competitions, especially in solo. Graduated as teacher in contemporary Dance but also as Social Dance Instructor, the workshops can be about a large range of tools she’s been providing  for 15 years to dancers from various backgrounds. She’s always been focusing her pedagogy on motion, rythm and posture, but each class can play with dynamics, body isolations, centre and axis related to the ground, different shifts of weight, spins and turns, but also wellness, and always always taking care of people ! Her special human skills and her love for sharing, allow her to adapt her teaching to each and everyone !

Fabien Vrillon


Fabien started dancing the same way most of us did, practicing his steps over and over again in his living room. Through many hours of practice, teaching, and competing, he has become passionate dancer and experienced teacher. Well known for his partnership with Lisa Clarke, Fabien used to be part of a crew of solo dancers: The Dopey Joes, that competed at ILHC. He has also choreographed many small solo routines with Lisa. Fabien is on the lookout for more inspiration, and is practicing his solo dancing every morning: primal movements, isolations, hip hop based moves and obviously Jazz and Blues. In order to be a better dancer, you have to understand and master your own body and how you move. Constantly pushing himself in his own dancing means he understands the work that goes into becoming a better dancer. He also knows that dancing is just dancing, and that there is no reason not to have fun while improving yourself at the same time.

Youngdon Kwon


Youngdon has been teaching blues since 2008. He is also known as the organizer of Bluesweet (The first blues workshop in Asia which was started from 2010) & Korea Blues Camp (The biggest blues dance event in Asia).
He started his dancing life with lindyhop background in 2005. But when he first experienced blues dancing in U.S.(2007), he immediately fell in love with the blues music, dance and its culture.
He visits U.S. every year to get inspiration and work hard to spread Blues dance in Asia. He was a finalist of many blues events in U.S. and got First Placed in Open Jack and Jill 2014 at BluesShout. Also, invited as a judge(prelims and level test) for BluesShout 2017.
In Europe, he took the 1st placed at Berlin Blues Explosion Jack and Jill & Open Strictly and Team Solo battle. He also took Jack and Jill 1st placed and 3rd placed Solo Blues at Drag The Blues. In 2018, he was the finalist in Solo Cuttin’ competition at Bluesshout 2018.

Beginner track

Bénédicte et Laurent - prof de blues paris

Bénédicte & Laurent


Bénédicte and Laurent have been teaching together in Paris since 2017. Over the last two years they have been travelling in more than 20 blues festivals to compete, to teach, and most of all to socialize and to meet people in the blues community. They have worked hard together on the pedagogics of their teaching to be able to make people feel comfortable and help them improve at the same time… Better be ready to have a good time in their class, that’s what they want the most !!


As a teacher, Bénédicte attaches special importance to the role of each part of your body in your dance. Laurent, on the contrary, develops a mechanical approach to movements that he explains by relying on physical principles.

Ioanna & Alex


We are an enthusiastic Blues dance couple! We’ve been dancing, practicing & travelling together exploring the Blues dance, culture and communities around Europe!

We love sharing our personal style of dancing through teaching, adore choreographing captivating performances and cherish loooong nights of social dancing!

We are both highly trained dancers; Ioanna has been dancing since she was a child and Alex has been doing Swing dances for more than 10 years!

Since 2017 we have been focusing mainly on Blues, travelling around Europe deepening our understanding of Blues dancing and its culture as well as continuously developing our dance and teaching skills!

beginner track teachers - Alex & Ioanna